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Puzzle Dom Puzzle Game Collection Apps for Android

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Version 2.22
Last Updated
Size 11.14 MB
Downloads 1000 + Downloads
Developer artbook
Categories Puzzle
Supported Android 4.0.3


Puzzle Dom Puzzle Game Collection

"Puzzle Dom Puzzle Game Collection" merged best puzzles like Connect, Tangram, Plumber, Blocks, Rolling Ball, One Stroke, Box, Rope, Lazors and Escape which are easy to learn and fun to master into ONE game collection.
As a puzzle lover, you don't need spending much time on searching new brain teasers any more. We will give you a ONE-STOP game experience from now on!

Fond of classic puzzles but tired of so many separate single puzzle games? Puzzle Box is a mystery box. Puzzledom is a collection of addictive logic puzzles, including Flow, Tangram, Escape, One Stroke, Blocks, Plumber, Fill, Rolling Ball, Sudoku, Weave a Line,Huedoku and Number Link.More free games are on their way to your puzzle kingdom!
If you are a fan of classic logic puzzles, Puzzle Box will be the best one stroke. Come and challenge the puzzle flow free, gain the jigsaw pieces and build your kingdom.


★ free puzzle games flow is a classic free Japanese game also known as Number Link or Arukone. You have to connect the pair of dots of the same color so the lines do not cross or overlap. The entire board must be filled fun puzzle games.
★ Brain puzzles Pipes, also known as Plumber, is a rotation puzzle where you have to connect all the pipes to let the water flow through the pipeline. Tap the pipes to rotate them and connect the pipes of the same color.
★ Block Puzzle is a simple yet extremely addicting puzzle game about blocks. Similar to Color Fill, the goal is to complete the entire board by dragging the block pieces. A hexa mode will be added in the future fun puzzle games.
★ fun puzzle games Shikaku, also known as rectangles, is another classic Japanese game from the same inventor of Sudoku. Shikaku is played on a square or rectangular grid with some numbered cells. The objective is to divide the grid into different areas, each of them containing 1 numbered cell and the exact number of squares indicated in that numbered cell.
★ puzzle cube unroll is a unique thought-provoking brain teaser inspired by slide puzzles. Move the tiles to form a path that connects the green and red tiles and watch the ball roll. Unroll features 250 levels in 5 difficulties or packs. Unlock the fun now!
★ Unblock is a deceivingly simple yet challenging sliding block puzzle game. The objective is to move the blue block to the exit, by sliding the horizontal blocks side to side or the vertical blocks up and down. Wooden pieces, cars or even a mouse:Unblock has come in different variations but none of them equals Puzzlerama´s.Don´t worry if all the pieces seems interlocked, just move them out of the way!
★ Bridges, also known as Hashi, consists of a series of islands that need to be connected following a couple of simple rules. You can only connect two horizontally or vertically adjacent islands, you can connect a pair of islands with only 1 or 2 bridges and each island should be connected the indicated number of times fun puzzle games.
★ puzzle dom classic puzzle all in one find a way to connect all the dots in a single line. Start connecting two dots and you will get addicted immediately to this brain stimulating puzzle game.
★ puzzle collection lasers is a puzzle about moving blocks to reflect the laser beams and hit the targets. Sometimes you can make infinity loops.
★ brain puzzles has over 8000 free levels inside and more funny levels are under development mystery box.
★ We only put best puzzles inside which will make you can not stop once start playing puzzledom puzzle game.
★ We will support online rank list soon all in one puzzle! You can challenge your friends by achievement and leader board.

As you play and enjoy Puzzlerama free puzzle games, new games, modes and features will be included! Please don´t hesitate to send us an email with any suggestions or comments.

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