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Runners4Health Games for Android

App rating: 4.4/5

App information

Version 1.17
Last Updated
Size 66.36 MB
Downloads 10000 + Downloads
Developer DKV Seguros
Categories Arcade
Supported Android 4.0


Move through the main Spanish cities, avoiding obstacles, in order to accumulate kilometres! Get moving in real life and accumulate more kilometres in order to become the winner of this game! And above all... win better health!

Put your reflexes to the test: dodge fences, cars, runners and bins in order to advance in the route while you collect fruit that will help you to achieve superpowers and to accumulate virtual kilometres. Don't forget to do physical exercise and run in the real world: real kilometres are worth double!

Show that you are the best among your friends and travel the highest number of kilometres, collect all of the fruit and superpowers and beat your top score! Join our collective challenge and help us to accumulate more than fifty million kilometres between the video game and real life. Join #RUNNERS4HEALTH and win better health!

- A game that will help you to stay healthy.

- Very intuitive touch controls: slide from left to right, jump, drag and much more.

- Three urban scenarios full of obstacles to dodge, each with thirty levels of difficulty.

- Healthy fruit that will help you to achieve superpowers and complete missions.

- Exclusive power-ups and superpowers that will help you to move through the obstacles: indestructible healthy heart, high-jump boots, flying skateboard and health magnet.

- Content and advice that will help you to lead a healthier life.

- Connect and compete with your friends through social media.

- Activate the location on your mobile device for Runners4Health and accumulate the kilometres that you run in real life.

- Three competition rankings where you can win: video game ranking, real world ranking and global ranking (kilometres in the real world are worth double).

- Achieve surprise prizes by competing in the global ranking.

- An unending and very entertaining game that you should play in moderation in order to win and to win better health. The first of its kind!

Runners4health forms part of the #DKVapptivate initiative by DKV Seguros to combat obesity in children and young people and to promote healthy lifestyle habits.

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