Shoot Hunter 3D V2

By: Free Hard Games For Fun

Version: 1.0

Update: 2017-04-25

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Shoot Hunter Critical city Strike Terrorists in uniform have attacked your city and many people have become the victims of the terror. A commando shooter is assigned to kill the enemies and rescue the people of the city. Shoot Hunter Gun killer Fire 3D V2 is a feature rich game and you’ll have to opt-out a lot in the hostage situations and free the hostage victims. Before the time ends and they kill the hostages, clear out the way, kill the enemies one by one and reach out to the hostages to get them released. Eliminate the mobs, terrorist’s hordes, and wild enemies as soon as possible. First Person Shooting Bar has been raised by the Shoot Hunter Gun killer Fire 3D Version 2. With -the help of multi-touch smooth controls which make sure that you shoot eating enemy perfectly, this version of shoot hunter 3d is the best warfare against the evil. Thrilling campaigns of action, shoot your way; kill anyone who is in your way, take cover behind hurdles and bushes, make way by sharp shooting, kill the squads of enemies.
Environments in this epic war zone are vast and extremely hard to conquer. Every life is worth saving so pick up the powerful machine guns, assault rifles, rocket launchers, sniper guns and go on missions where the best war tactics will judge who is the best and most resilient. While howling sound of victims urges you to take the action as fast as possible, be extremely careful because you might face armed tanks, vehicles, and brutal guns. Shoot Hunter 3D Version 2 has the most realistic and immersive war environment, realistic animated enemy soldiers, enemies watch towers, land mines, ambushes by the enemies and situations where you can’t run but only attack at your enemy.
In Shoot Hunter Gun killer Fire V2, use the radar to get to the safe positions and take a breath while the enemy is looking out for you. Surprise them with lethal weapons and take the best route to reach the hostages so you could get them free. Your reflexes and tactical skills are the most valuable weapon. In Shoot Hunter 3D V2, be prepare to have fun with the amazing army arsenal, unbelievable guns, highly customization weapons, head shots rendering, get rewards for killing, break the enemy’s defense, team them apart, finish the war and be the special ops, military agent. In this time of terror and total disruption of peace, use the top secret weapons, sniper guns, machine guns, short range pump actions and pistols to get rid of the anarchy and chaos that has been waged upon the city. Your military arsenal is very large; complete it to create most action and fun. Gather components and get the maximum out of it. Slow motion effects for the action camera are as amazing as they can be imagined while getting a head shot you will see it.
• Fast Paced First Person Shooting
• Addictive & smooth game play
• Take head-shots in slow motion
• Intuitive Missions
• No dumb static enemy soldiers
• Every mission requires a great deal of strategy
• Authentic and most realistic content ever.
• Ultra unique military arsenal
• Extra Challenging assault missions
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