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Social Add World - JTS Apps for Android

App rating: 4.7/5

App information

Version 1.0
Last Updated
Size 14.29 MB
Downloads 1000 + Downloads
Developer Social Add World
Categories Entertainment
Supported Android 4.1


Dear User, this is one of the best application for online Money Earning.
Hello Social Add World user, Our old application work very good. All users response better. But some bugs not fix the old version. So after few month our developer teem making better application. Today complete the work and Lunch our official application. we feel very proud because our all users support honesty.

"Social Add World" Level Plan

1st Level =10 Refer= 1$
(DAILY $.5) ✔✔

2nd Level=100 Refer 7$
+(DAILY $5) ✔✔

3rd Level =1000 Refer 20$
+(DAILY $50) ✔✔

4th Level =10,000 Refer 80$
+ (DAILY $200) ✔✔

5th Level=1lac refer 750$

6th Level=10 lacs refer 3500$
+(Daily $5000) ✔✔

7th Level=1 crore refer 15000$
+(Daily 50,000$) ✔✔


Payout System
B2R/ Wallet app mini 10$ 1 day.
Bank 20$ mini 7 days.
Papal 20$ for other countries.

Worldwide Plan
100% Genuine Company.
Lifetime Income.

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