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Socxel | Pixel Soccer | PRO Games for Android

App rating: 2.6/5

App information

Version 5.0.0
Last Updated
Downloads 10000 + Downloads
Developer BUG-Studio
Categories Arcade
Supported Android 4.1


### The PRO version open all game modes, as well as completely absent advertising! ###

Socxel - game for one, two or four players.
Play some football matches against the computer or with friends on the same phone or tablet.
Just do not forget that you can play with other people on the internet!
Earn Online points, and getting on first place in the table of records!

- Simple and addictive gameplay.
- Variety of balls for games.
- A variety of modes such as 1vs1, 2vs2, 1vsAI, 2vsAI other!
- Online Multiplayer!
- Records Table! Become number 1 in the world!