Static DNS for WiFi

By: ko-zu

Version: 2.7.1

Update: 2016-01-04

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  • Package: net.usb0.wifistaticdns
  • Version: 2.7.1 (20701)
  • Size: 177.0 KB
  • Update on: January 04, 2016
  • Installs: 50,000
  • Signature: 05e0dca3554174c841e5153acf6f6231e1ef9cbf
  • APK File SHA1: 0aacd4b8947dd34d1119a783f3f4a10dfc082ae5


This app configures your Android device to use your preferred DNS servers (resolvers) on every Wireless LAN access-points (Wi-Fi AP, hotspot).
You can choose faster and secure DNS servers s.t. Google Public DNS, Comodo secure DNS, etc.

== How it works ==
When Android device creates WiFi connection to an access-point, the AP assigns a dedicated IP address for the device and also (sometimes very slow) DNS servers via DHCP, an automation protocol for network configuration. If you want to use faster DNS servers on all AP but do not want to configure static IP address manually on each AP, this app will help.

This app requests IP address assignment by DHCP as usual devices, then generates static IP configuration with your preferred DNS servers with assigned IP address..
To prevent collision of IP addresses, the generated configuration will be removed after disconnect from the AP.

== NOTICE ==
This app is provided AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY. Please use this app AT YOUR OWN RISK.

It is NOT a VPN app. All DNS queries, that contain domain names you are about to connect, will be sent to DNS servers in plain text without encryption.

BEFORE uninstall this app, please make sure "Static DNS Service" is disabled. If you had uninstalled this app before disable it, please reinstall it and toggle Static DNS service up and down. Generated AP settings will be set to DHCP.

This app relies on undocumented Android OS behaviors and implements. Unfortunately, some devices cannot work with this app due to lack of API compatibilities.
Other WiFi management apps, which also try to configure WiFi settings or reconnect to another access-points, may conflict with this app.

This app cannot work with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). Unfortunately Google closed API to modify WiFi settings since Android 6.0.

== Privacy Policy (in brief) ==
This app logs WiFi configurations for debugging. You can explicitly send the log from Menu -> Report Problem.
Collected information from the reports may be used for improving this app. Any personal identifiable information will not be transferred to third party.

== Known Issues ==
If a device had connected with two or more access-points which have identical SSID (name of the WiFi spot) but with different passwords, this app will try to configure the oldest one.

Temporally dropped support for devices manufactured by "General Mobile". Please let me know if you have source code (or its distribution point) of customized Android OS shipped with their products..

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