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The House: Action-horror (Lite) Games for Android

App rating: 4/5

App information

Version 1.15
Last Updated
Size 85.84 MB
Downloads 100000 + Downloads
Developer EGProject
Categories Action
Supported Android 4.0


The House: Action-horror (Lite) — is a really scary first-person horror game with great music that creates a terrible and creepy atmosphere.

Don't stand still, move all the time! Even if you see a terrible monster, you can always try to escape from inevitable death! Everything depends on you!

Make just the right decisions in order to survive, because any wrong decision can lead to death.

Brief background.

Everything that happens here can't be logically explained. Brave guys and just curious ones, who dared to check those terrible rumours about this abandoned and God forbidden place, disappeared without any traces. What happened to them? Nobody has ever seen them again...