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VBE GHOST COM 0216 PRO Apps for Android

App rating: 3.2/5

App information

Version 2.0
Last Updated
Size 85.89 MB
Downloads 10000 + Downloads
Developer VBE INC.
Categories Tools
Supported Android 2.3


3 SENSOR GHOST BOX running new VBE Sensor Calibration code.

X Sensor Features = V3AudioV2
y Sensor Features = V3AudioV2Advanced
z Sensor Features = RS HS 12-589 Audio

How to set it up:
1) Lay on a flat surface
2) Touch the Icon to start the application
3) Wait till all Data is Visable

4) Press the top right calibration button once every second till you no longer hear audio

B) I do not hear audio!
4) Press the top left Calibration button once every second till you hear audio. Then press the left top button for less calibration once. NO AUDIO!

5) Once you have found the two settings that allow audio and do not allow audio. You have your base calibration.
Simply wait for 5 seconds, to see if any audio comes through.

1A) Press the less calibration button once.
2B) Wait 5 seconds

B) I did not hear audio in that 5 seconds.
1B) You are ready to ask Questions.

***Please allow your spirit to get used to the device****

Ask simple questions at first. Allow at least 5 Minutes or more time for your spirit to get used to using it.
The more time you spend with your spirit, allowing the spirit to learn the application. The better.
Remember, the spirit there does not have a how too, to read. It has to mess with the device to learn it.

If you get no responses. Chances are, there is no spirit present or it has refused to participate.

Keep trying. I have yet to meet a spirit, whom has better things to do, then to speak with the living. Typically, they get just as excited as we do.

Don't get me wrong. I actually heard a spirit Say to another spirit," I do not care. This is ridiculous." LOL
I thought it was funny. Obviously, that spirit did not. = )

Individual sensor use is awesome too. Simply set the rate super high so no audio is playing. Then turn one sensor super low to get that sensors audio to play. Then set it up one. You'll get one audio bank on one sensor.

Works great for strong spirits. Every once in a while. They manage to get all the sensors going. = )

Anyway, Enjoy.

Thank you, everyone for your support.

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