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VBE Ghost Tracker SENTRY Apps for Android

App rating: 4.3/5

App information

Version 1.0
Last Updated
Size 63.41 MB
Downloads 5000 + Downloads
Developer VBE INC.
Categories Tools
Supported Android 2.3


VBE SENTRY ( EMF / GEO - Ghost Box ). This puppy is designed for both mobile and stationary usage. This is a full Blown, Ghost Hunting Application for professional use.

This is so you can take full advantage of the application.

The EMF / GEO Mode, is active in Stand Mode, only.
Walk Mode, Turns off the Geo Sensor and adds 5.01 to the Base EMF Calibration.

Calibration is now easier. The new setup uses simple numbers to calibrate. Much easier to share Calibration codes.

The EMF Radar from my previous app, is now in the center of this app. It works just like the previous version. Spot on!

The GEO Sensor part of the Application, was created from my GH Ghost Box data, mixed with the KH and GC0216. The audio is from C64 Forever ( DAVE ), user requested audio track.

The EMF Sensor Audio, is the famous V3AudioV2.

Both Audio Tracks together, sound fantastic.

Please Visit, if you need help with calibration or using this device.

Thank you, for using VBE INC Applications.

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