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VBE ITC K2 Ultimate Ghost Box Apps for Android

App rating: 4.1/5

App information

Version 2.0
Last Updated
Downloads 500 + Downloads
Developer VBE INC.
Categories Tools
Supported Android 2.3


VBE ITC K2 Ultimate Ghost Box

This app is designed to be used for the Precise Location Detection of a Ghost. Once the Spirit has been Located. Simply activate the Audio to start your conversation. Always explain to the Spirit/s to touch the device, only when they are speaking.

Testing at home:
A) Using a piece of metal or Magnet
1) Start the app.
2) Wait until calibration is Complete
3) Move the metal or magnet towards your device.
4) Device will start beeping faster as the Metal / Magnet gets closer.
Leds will increase up to red as the Metal / Magnet gets closer.
The Compass arrow will aim towards the Metal / Magnet.
5) You have just tested the App and have proven it works!

Is your device Magnetized?
How to tell?
1) Start the app
2) Wait until Calibration is completed.
3) Look at the Compass Needle.
4) Turn your device 360 degrees.
5) If the needle does not stay pointing in the same direction. Then your device is

How to demagnetize my device?

Includes the following:
1) EMF Auto Calibration for both North pull and User input
2) EMF Audio Control
3) Proximity based on EMF Fields
4) Audio Chop Rate Control
5) Audio
6) Night Mode ( Display becomes dark )
7) Day Mode ( Default Mode )
8) Mute
9) Auto Calibration on Demand
10) Live Sensor Data
11) Readings Current
12) Maxed Reading
13) Compass Sensor Display
14) 8 Leds for Precise Location Distance ( Proximity to Device )
15) Device Compensation ( Quality of Compass Sensor, Compensated for all Devices )
16) Battery Power Percentage
17) Current Time ( Military for World Use )
18) Calibration Display
19) Chop Rate Indicator

Thank you for your Support...

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