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Vitality GO Apps for Android

App rating: 1.2/5

App information

Version 1.3.7
Last Updated
Size 83.63 MB
Downloads 10000 + Downloads
Developer AIA Technology Shared Services
Categories Health & Fitness
Supported Android 4.3


AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge for Corporate - Brought to you by AIA - helping your employees live a healthier, better and happier lives

By participating in the Vitality GO, your employees will:
· Use the registered email address in e-benefit to sign up for Vitality GO
· Complete a short questionnaire and calculate their Vitality Age - a measure of how their lifestyle are impacting their health.
· Be given a weekly Vitality Points challenge that your employees can achieve by linking their favourite fitness device or app to track their walking or exercise activity. A wide range of the most popular apps and devices are supported.
· Receive a series of badges or rewards* as your employees successfully complete each challenge.

* Please refer to AIA for full details of terms and conditions.

Get started today on a healthier lifestyle by downloading, enrolling, and participating in Vitality GO.

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