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I am A Super Star Android

: 3.7/5

Version 1.6
Last Updated
Size 47.02 MB
Downloads 100000 + Downloads
Developer Gina Star
Categories Entertainment
Supported Android 4.1

Wow! This super star girl has received five activities invitations. She really did not know which one should she choose. Come to help her and give her some suggestions to let her made the decision. After that she need to make some previous preparations. Try your best to help her make up beautifully for these fashion activities shooting. Let this super star girl have the best performance. Prepare well for her small meet-and-greet with fans together. This will be a very full and nice day for the girl. After the whole day’s work, try to give the girl a wonderful back spa to let her relax.

1. Help the girl to choose the activity invitation
2. Let her make some previous preparations for the activity shooting
3. Make up her beautifully for the shooting
4. Take some nice pictures for the fashion events
5. Have a small meet-and-greet with her fans
6. Help the girl have a nice back spa in the hotel