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+32 GB SD Memory Card Apps für Android

App-Bewertung: 3.9/5


Version 1.7
Größe 2.36 MB
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Kategorie Software & Demos
Erforderliche Android-Version 4.0


Memory Card on your mobile, or in your Computer it's not enough
you want to Formatted Memory Card.

+ Memory Card not detected in your device, mobile or in your Computer
+ Accidently deleted data pictures files folders videos from memory cards of Cell Phone or Camera sD Cards
+ Formatted Memory Card
+ Erased Memory Card Photos
+ Videos Recovery from Memory Card
+ Corrupted memory card data recovery

This File recovery Procedure is applicable on all type of memory cards :
- xD Cards
- Micro SD card
- all type of other memory cards and storage that connect in your computer
- MassStorage Device.
- 128 booster ram
- Memory Stick
- Format the SD Card
- save 100 GB
- Can't find the storage Media
- SD card is damaged. Try Reformatting it.
- Format the SD Card for devices
- 100 GB SD Card
- Sorry, this media files doesn't exist on your SD Card.
- Storage location is missing
- Insufficient storage space
- If you're getting the error message 'insufficient storage available' you need to delete the app cache. You can also download the free app for deleted cache, or can be manually achieved by deleting individual app caches.
DDR Memory Card Recovery Software is available for Windows as well as Mac operating Systems.

this app give you 32 GB sd card Free to use on your phone for more space storage
and you can also to recovery Procedure applicable on all type.

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