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Area Calculator Applications pour Android

évaluation de l'application: 2.7/5

informations sur l'application

Version 1.0
dernière mise à jour
Taille 4.31 MB
téléchargement 5000 + téléchargement
Développeur Macro Apps Developer
catégories Plans et navigation
Nécessite Android 4.0.3

La description

How to use :
- Click on a add marker icon then click on a map to create point base on latitude and longitude
- Define the multiple marker points for calculation, the information of area include marker, polyline, polygone and calculation result appear immediately
- Select map type icon to change between type : none, normal, hybrid, terrain and satellite type to look visually
- Click on a remove icon then click on a desire marker to remove it out map.
- Touch on a clear icon to clear all marker, polygone, polyline on map
- When you want to real-time measure you just click on a live icon then move around to take affect.
- Then after got everything you need and you want to save current measure, you click on save icon to save on cache for re-use purpose.
- Click on a polyline to have a mini tour around points
Measure Geo Area and Distance apply material design to improve more user experirence.
Applicagion is useful for geologists or simply any one use for tracking route everyday
If you would like to see this app translated in your language.

Area Calculator is best free tool for you, when you want to purchase some property, and want to calculate area of that property. GPS area calculator will help you like your best friends and will give you exact calculated area. App Geo Area measurement is useful to calculate GPS area or distance with great accuracy.
area Calculator is very accurate on Field area Measure and its very smart tool for measuring areas on the map. Once you place your points on the map and then calculate area between all points. You can also calculate total Area of any GPS Route.
GPS Area also contains the different type of Map View. Normal.Satellite.Terrain maps and Search map.
Our App Area Measurement is useful to calculate GPS area or distance with great accuracy. There two way to measure area or distance.

Features of Land Area Calculator App:-
i) Accurate area calculation
ii) Calculate acreage by perimeter
iii) Calculate areas of irregular lots using:-
a) triangle method
b) magnetic compass for smaller plots
c) latitude/ longitude data for bigger areas
iv) Quick area units conversion - Convert between hectares, acres, square metre, square feet, square yards, square km and square mile
v) Area converter support for local units used across India including bigha, biswa, biswansi, guntha, ground, kanal, kani, katha, kuncham, lecha, marla, nalli and more
vi) Customary land area conversion used in Nepal viz., ropani, aana, paisa, daam
vii) Support for Pakistani land units viz., bega, kanal, marla, karam


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