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ARM BLASTING アプリ 用 Android

アプリの評価: 4.3/5


現在のバージョン 1.0.0
サイズ 11.27 MB
インストール 10000 + インストール
開発元 Wonderful Fishdom
カテゴリ スポーツ
Android 要件 5.0



*30-day to wear up big arms

*Gradually increased exercise intensity

*Remind you to keep training in time

*Record every progress made

*Suitable for all levels, gender and ages

Workout anywhere

Save the shuttle time from gym and take that time to work out abs anywhere convenient.

Core training

The profession core training is more than helping you get a good shape and you could get better performance in all sports. This app could help you enjoy sports and have a long-term healthy shape and life habit.

No extra equipment

You don’t have to buy extra equipment because whole plan is about bodyweight training. You can sweat and enjoy training anywhere!

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