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Dead Ship ゲーム 用 Android

アプリの評価: 2.3/5


現在のバージョン 2.0.0
インストール 5000 + インストール
開発元 BUG-Studio
カテゴリ アドベンチャー
Android 要件 2.3.3


Genre: Horror Shooter

Zach Filins simple single repairman, who flew from his job back home. But that's not the problem, the fuel was almost nil. Along the way he meets a strange ship. Contact him he did not succeed, perhaps failure in radio receiver. Zack goes to the dock and want to understand what happened to the ship and find a fuel. But he understands Zach later, it was not the best idea ...

Chapter 1 is available for the game
Chapter 2 in development

### Features ###
-Play As Zack Filinsa and help him in his difficult adventure full of horror!
-Atmosferny Stereo sound experience fear.
-Beautiful Pixel graphics.

スクリーンショット & 動画