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Pradžia Komiksai Captain Russia: Presidential Security

Captain Russia: Presidential Security Programos už Android

lietotnes vērtējums: 0/5

programos informacija

versija 1.0
Dydis 49.20 MB
parsisiųsti 1000 + parsisiųsti
Kūrėjas Panga Game Studio
kategorijos Komiksai
Būtina naudoti „Android“ 4.1


Do you like president security games as president security guard? Then play this Captain Russia: Presidential Security which has all president security car games and presidential security games twist. Be the captain Russia hero fighter or a kung fu spy agent squad and start duty as secret service spy agent hero. Bad guys and underworld mafia dons have a contract to harm Mr President. Start your job as convoy guard and presidential rescue commando. This is president survival involves politics and has rapidly gun shooting, police vehicle and army cars as part of president convey security. Russian hero aka captain hero is here to protect president with superhuman powers. You as captain hero is designated president of Russia’s security duty. As captain hero city survival hero you have to eliminate the enemy war trucks and clear the way for the presidential forces. Time to forget other president plane hijack and play this presidential commando fighting game.

Take care of president house, presidential limo and presidential helicopter as captain Russia hero. As hero security agent your nation needs you more to serve President as his security department chief officer. President has army, police and a captain hero for protection. Fight against evil mafia agents and protect president like a hero. In this Captain Russia: President Security, bring the presidential state limousine and airplane also known as the beast to the secure premises as presidential rescue commando in president security games. The frenetic Presidential survival limousine captain hero driver counter terrorist deadly attack can only be faced if you as commander and captain hero counter sniper team in chief understand the strategy of attack by terrorist as president security guard with this president hijack rescue airplane.

Lead the president survival squad as captain hero fighter 2019 and fight other crime fighters and underworld mafia guys. You will play as special counter sniper team head captain hero and save the President's survival and rescue driver and will deadly attack on terrorist and counter enemies as hero. President survival squad spy agent captain hero will face many enemies of nation in president security car games. Play as crime fighting hero and complete all levels of this best of presidential security games. In captain hero crime simulator, you have to be alert and save the nation’s president in best of president games. So keep in mind presidential survival should be your utmost preference in this president security agent simulator and fulfill your duty to secure and rescue president on the time of enemy attack. It’s time to lead your kung fu spy agent squad as fierce fighter & be a survival and rescue hero.

Captain Russia: Presidential Security Features

✪ Multiple combat missions to save Russian president.
✪ Brutal fighting against mafia & serial killers.
✪ Marvelous 3D graphics & HD gameplay.
✪ Realistic captain hero secret agent story.
✪ Open world environment of president survival security game.
✪ Best of president plane hijack.

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