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GPS Camera Location with Photo Location Apps voor Android

app beoordeling: 4.2/5

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Versie 1.0
Grootte 6.69 MB
Downloads 1000 + Downloads
Distributieovereenkomst Abso Tech Apps
categorieën Reizen en lokaal
Android vereist 4.0.3


This app is a image locator or a photo locator that provides the exact accurate real time location of photo you captured at any place. The main function of this application is you can see the longitude and latitude with the place name you have captured photo of yours. Share your photo with location it was taken with this app GPS camera location with photo location. this is a picture gps locator with an share location and voice gps funtions in addition. Geo tagging of photo is done in this will be as a location stamp over the picture add geotag to photo .Check the location of you photo with this application. Share the real time current location of the place you apprehended the picture. Share your favorite photo location with your friend & family. Gps longitude and latitude can be located easily.
Captured picture locator: this application let you to see the location of the photo captured by your camera .it will tell the exact longitude and latitude of the real time captured picture. You can share the location of the picture easily with the digital perspective and with the help of the voice gps and navigation traffic city navigator with the city navigation with the earth map and time app with the satellite world maps. Foto location can be know with this application easily. You can easily use the geotag image to show the place where you took the photo.
Share the picture location: you can shared the location detected by our application. The ultimate location of the picture taken by our mobile can be saved and share by our app. share location app GPS camera location with photo location giving an image location finder share location with friends share my location with family Share & Save Places My Location: GPS Maps My Location - Latitude Longitude Save / share share location live find image location image location app camera image with gps location maps in image for location camera image with gps location maps in image for location photo location app photo location photo location finder photo location change gps location date and time on photo photo location finder image locator photo captured by camera location detector location detector of the image.
Function :
1. Fast locator of images/photos.
2. locate places where the photo was captured.
3. You can share your photo location with your friends.

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