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Versie 1.0.0
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Android vereist 4.1


A Recipes Cup is a set of instructions that describes how to prepare or make something. It is also used in medicine or in information technology (user acceptance). A doctor will usually begin a prescription with recipe.
The earliest known written recipes date from approximately 1600 BC.With the advent of the printing press in the 16th and 17th centuries, numerous books were written on how to manage households and prepare food. By the 1660s, cookery progressed to an art form and good cooks were in demand. Many families published their own books detailing their recipes in competition with their rivals.Many of these books have been translated and are available online.
Modern culinary recipes normally consist of several components Modern culinary recipes normally consist of several components.
• The name of the recipe.
• The number of servings that the dish provides.
• List all ingredients in the order of its use.
• Listing ingredients by the quantity.
• Describe it in step by step Direction.
• How much time does it take to prepare the dish, plus cooking time for the dish.
• Necessary equipment used for the dish.
• Cooking procedures. Temperature and bake time if necessary.
• Served while warm/cold.
• Photograph of the dish.
• Nutritional Value: Helps for dietary restrictions. Includes number of calories or grams per serving.
Earlier recipes often included much less information, serving more as a reminder of ingredients and proportions for someone who already knew how to prepare the dish.
Recipe writers sometimes also list variations of a traditional dish, to give different tastes of the same recipes.

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