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Басты бет produktivnost AC Bill saver : Save Electricity & Save money

AC Bill saver : Save Electricity & Save money Aplikacije za Android

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нұсқасы 1.06
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Әзірлеуші Mobitronix
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Android қажет 4.4


** App will only work on phones with IR BLASTER (infra-red) hardware **

App will provide massive savings in your electricity bills. AC efficiency is maximized to the fullest by running AC at its lowest possible temp(eg:- 16℃) when compressor is ON & then AC is run in FAN mode(compressor OFF) and AC mode(compressor OFF) cycles repeatedly.
In contrast in a traditional AC operation, lets say you set temp. as 24℃.
Then the AC will not run at its max. efficiency during its compressor ON cycle,since it will be blasting relatively warmer blast of air(as compared to completely chilled air at 16℃) to give you 24℃ like feel .

Using this app you can set AC & FAN mode cycle durations manually eg:- 15/5 minutes respectively. So a AC mode cycle of completely chilled air at 16℃, will be followed by a bill saving FAN mode cycle of 15 minutes. Overall for the full ON/OFF cycle, you will have the same comfort level as setting 24℃ in a traditional AC. But with an advantage of peak AC efficiency & massive electricity bill saving.

To understand how this methodology is more efficient, first take a look at an AC operates traditionally.

Traditional AC operation : Using a traditional AC remote, you set up a temp. which is convenient as per weather. Let's say 24℃.

Now using sensors AC will try to maintain room temp. at 24℃ by frequently switching ON/OFF compressor.
But to give you 24℃ like feel it won't blow completely chilled air that it is capable of, when compressor is ON. Instead relatively warmer blast of air is given.This in turn will mean room temp. will rise above 24℃ much quicker(compared to scenario had AC been set at 16℃ during compressor ON cycle). Which means compressor will have to be switched ON more frequently & for longer duration, as compared to 16℃ setting.

Operate AC at max. efficiency using this app. Instead here you will set AC at its lowest temp eg:- 16℃. And then you can specify durations for which AC should be in FAN mode & AC mode respectively.

While compressor is ON, AC will blow fully chilled air at 16℃, instead of relatively warmer air for 24℃ like feel as in traditional AC operation.

Let's say you choose FAN mode & AC mode durations as 15/5 minutes respectively. When in AC mode, compressor will blow fully chilled air for 5 minutes. And room will get sufficiently cool for next FAN mode(compressor OFF) cycle of 15 minutes. These FAN/AC mode cycles will repeat over & over again.

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