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Басты бет Orodja Alarm : Avoid battery overcharging [FREE]

Alarm : Avoid battery overcharging [FREE] Aplikacije za Android

қолданба рейтингі: 4.2/5

қолданба туралы ақпарат

нұсқасы 1.07
Көлемі 9.53 MB
жүктеу 5000 + жүктеу
Әзірлеуші Mobitronix
категориялары Orodja
Android қажет 4.0


The app notifies with an alarm, when battery charge reaches a level/percentage selected by the user.

As overcharging phone battery is the main cause of depleted battery life, the app will extend your battery life & keep it healthy in the long run.

App features:

• Minimum background processing : Extremely lightweight processing which dosen't take a toll on your day to day battery life. Eg: if current battery level is 10% & required is 90%. In this case the gap(80%) is large & app will not kick in processing until it becomes small.

• Select the desired charging percentage/level.

• Delay : Even after 100% charging notification, phones still take a little more time to get fully charged. You can specify a delay eg. 10 mins. In this case you will get notified with an alarm, 10 mins after desired charging level is reached.

• Simple & user friendly UI

• Snooze : Instead of dismissing, you can snooze an alarm for a duration of 5/10/20/30/45/60 mins. You can snooze any no.of times as you may desire.

• Auto dismiss : Instead of manually dismissing an alarm, you can set up auto-dismiss (5/15/30 secs ... 1/2/4/10/20/30/45/60 mins). In this case, alarm will automatically get dismissed, if alarm remains unattended for the specified duration

• Vibration : You can enable vibration option. In addition, alarm volume can be turned off altogether. For minimum disturbance you can opt for zero volume + vibration combination.

• Full fledged Alarm notification : When Charging level is reached, you get an alarm which will not stop until explicitly dismissed by the user.
Not merely a short duration notification, which has high probability of being missed.

• No need to keep the app open. You will get notified with alarm, even if app is closed all of the time.

• Automatic restart : When the phone is reboot, the app is restarted automatically. No need to give explicit auto start permission.

• Select your alarm ringtone from a variety of sources. You can use either device ringtones/notifications of any music file stored on your phone.

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