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Басты бет Lepota How to get rid of stretch marks

How to get rid of stretch marks Aplikacije za Android

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нұсқасы 1.0
Көлемі 3.78 MB
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Әзірлеуші Avalon-master
категориялары Lepota
Android қажет 4.0


Stretching (striae) is a defect in the skin, in the form of strips, in stretch marks of the skin. Depending on the freshness can be white, purple, reddish color.

Primarily localized on the abdomen, hips, mammary glands. To get rid of stretch marks completely, will not work, but you can very much reduce their visibility with the help of not complicated methods.

  In our application you will find several ways how to get rid of stretch marks at home.

  The application includes:

-Samomassage against stretch marks
-Album oil against stretch marks
- Rosemary oil
-Almond oil
-Fruit Nut Oil
-Green wheat germ
-Contrast shower against stretch marks
-Mumie from stretch marks

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