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Басты бет Starševstvo ITL Parental Control

ITL Parental Control Aplikacije za Android

қолданба рейтингі: 4.1/5

қолданба туралы ақпарат

нұсқасы 2.1.0
Көлемі 9.96 MB
жүктеу 1000 + жүктеу
Әзірлеуші Innovana Thinklabs
категориялары Starševstvo
Android қажет 4.1


Secure kids and track their location with this easy-to-use parental control & child GPS tracker. The ITL Parental Control app is a user-friendly application that offers kid security features like app block, panic alert, child location tracker, call and SMS monitoring along with screen time control.

ITL Parental Control helps you filter applications, stay aware of kid’s location, and receive alert messages in case of danger. It offers monitoring and control in two modes: Parent Mode and Child Mode.

Features of ITL Parental Control App – Parent Mode

Keep your teen secure with the following monitoring and controlling features of the app

· Panic Alert – When your kid is caught in an emergency, the app will send you his current location.

· App Block – Secure your kid from unauthorized app content. Block access to apps that you do not want them to use.

· App Install Block – Prevent kids from downloading new apps.

· Child GPS Tracker (Track Your Child) – Set geofence and speed limit to make sure they are within the approved boundaries and did not cross speed limits.

· Kiosk Mode – The app lets you customize your kid’s home screen and allow access to limited apps and block everything else on the phone.

· Call & SMS – Monitor incoming and outgoing calls & SMS and block unwanted contacts.

· Time Schedule – Offers screen time control for different apps during the day. The entire phone will be blocked during bedtime.

· Anti-theft – Trace your kid’s device on the map. You can also control its volume from your phone and restore its factory settings.

· Report – Get instant notification when your kid crosses geo-fence, exceeds speed limit, or attempt to break any rule on the app.

Features of ITL Parental Control – Child Mode

Let your kid reach you during emergency or deliver protection with the following features:

· App Block – This parental control app lets your kid send unblock request if you have blocked his favorite app.

· SOS – Ask your kid to tap the panic button in danger. Its in-built child location tracker will send his current location so that you can arrange a pickup for him.

· Call & SMS – It lets your kid send request to unblock different contacts so that he can communicate with them.

· Time Schedule – You can allot different time slots for kids to use his device. He can view such time slots under this feature.

ITL Parental Control helps you secure kids with features like app block, panic alert, child location tracker, call & SMS monitoring and screen time control. Now, easily manage your kid’s activities with this parental control app.

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