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WINDS EP Uygulamalar için Android

uygulama derecelendirmesi: 4.9/5

uygulama bilgisi

Sürüm 1.2
Son güncelleme
Boyut 12.00 MB
yüklenenler 1000 + yüklenenler
Geliştirici WINDS E WORLD
kategoriler Alışveriş
Gereken Android sürümü 5.0


We have Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum as privilege clubs. From the beginning itself, you will be included in our Silver Privilege Club. Keeping the good work will help you move to the higher privilege club.

Benefits of WINDS Privilege Clubs

Micro Loans
Scale your business with loans at rates lesser than the market share. The rate of interest keeps getting lower as you rise in the privilege club membership.

Untimely Death Cover
All WINDS Vendors will be covered for the eventuality of death and the surviving nominee will be given financial support to help them through the hardship. As you grow higher in the privilege club membership the duration of financial help gets longer.

Ekran Resimleri & Videolar

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